Instagram for Chrome for Windows

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  • V 8.1.13
  • 3.4
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  • Security Status

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A browser add-on for Instagram users!

Instagram for Chrome is an easy-to-use and simple browser add-on, which lets people view and interact with their native Instagram feed from the Google Chrome browser. Earlier, Instagram didn’t have an official website, which helped this extension attract fans from around the world. Compared to Websta for Instagram, Instagram for Chrome has a simple and cleaner interface, making it easier to use and navigate.

A quick and easy way to access images!

Instagram for Chrome is easy to install and access. Like other Google Chrome extensions, this Instagram for laptop installer accesses your data at and Since the add-on allows you to view and interact with popular and nearby photos, it also gains access to your location data. While most people use InstagramTM on their mobile phones anyway, this shouldn’t be a major cause of concern.

When people could only view and interact with Instagram feeds and photos from their mobile phones, it wasn’t possible to have the same access on PCs. Instagram for Chrome changed the status quo, and allows people to ‘like’ and comment on images from their Windows PCs. Additionally, you can access nearby and popular Instagram images.

Unlike Picasa and other similar apps, Instagram for Chrome uses the native app’s API directly in your web browser. Since it’s a free extension, you don’t have to pay anything to gain access to your images and feed. With the PC extension, it’s easier and quicker to use Instagram on your Windows PC.

With this add-on, you can access the Instagram feed, ‘like’ and comment on images, and perform several other functions that you enjoy with Instagram on your smartphone. In order to use Instagram for Chrome, you don’t need to sync any data. Simply install the extension and log in to your Instagram account.

Easy management from ‘extensions’ tab

Once the installation is complete, the Instagram download opens a new tab. This allows you to get detailed information about the developer, features, and more. On Chrome’s toolbar, you can notice the app’s icon. Like other Google Chrome extensions, Instagram for Chrome can be managed directly from the ‘Extensions’ tab.

When you access and download Instagram from the extension, the first thing you notice is the website’s layout, which looks like a scaled-up version of the smartphone app. However, the add-on comes with some browser-specific controls. If you click on a hashtag or name, the browser allows you to navigate with a mouse as smoothly as a touchscreen.

How do you use Instagram for Chrome?

In order to use Instagram for Chrome, click on the icon in the toolbar. It allows you to scroll through the native feed, leave comments, and like photos. These functions have the same feel and layout as the smartphone app. Additionally, you can click on the ‘three dots’ in the upper-left corner for several browsing options. This extension can also help you with getting Instagram unblocked on Chromebook.

Is there a desktop version of Instagram?

Instagram download for PC is possible from the Windows Store. A lot of people prefer using third-party apps, such as Free Instagram Downloader and Grids for Instagram. Compared to these options, the official Windows app comes with most of the app’s mobile features. For instance, you can edit posts with filters, post videos, and photos, merge video clips, and post stories. Instagram download for Mac is also available online. With Instagram for Mac download, it becomes easier to access your photos on Apple devices.

Needs subtle improvements

While Instagram for Chrome is an excellent addition to your Chrome browser, you may experience some issues with the interface. The extension doesn’t allow you to upload or download content. Moreover, it’s not easy to log out from the app, which keeps running in the background.

The interface feels similar to the official Instagram app for smartphones. However, you can’t easily go back to the previous page. In order to perform this action, you’ll have to select the last page from the ‘menu’.

With a few minor glitches, Instagram for Chrome is a good way to quickly and easily access photos on your Instagram account. If you want a simple extension for your Chrome browser, this one will be a decent choice.

The perfect add-on for Chrome users!

As mentioned earlier, Instagram unblocked online uses the native API directly from the web browser. With the familiar interface, it’s easier to browse, ‘like’, and comment on photos from the feed. In order to browse through the ‘friend list’, you can click on a hash tag or name. Instagram for PC is the easiest and simplest solution to accessing the popular app on your Windows computers. You can also access Instagram for Mac with similar extensions in the App Store.


  • Simple and clean interface
  • Quick access to library
  • Full integration with Chrome
  • Access popular and nearby images


  • Can’t upload or download images
  • Not easy to log out

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Instagram for Chrome for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 8.1.13
  • 3.4
  • (2487)
  • Security Status

User reviews about Instagram for Chrome

  • Vishal Raikwar

    by Vishal Raikwar

    i am not getting how we will get know that who is online and who is offline

  • shumaila yasir

    by shumaila yasir

    because i am using pc but i have already my google play account but when i use it so it was written that you have not device

  • Silvanus Corrales

    by Silvanus Corrales

    i like this app because you can text people you know and stay
    in contact with them

  • biplab bala

    by biplab bala

    excellent ! I can get all of my basic requirements software from here

  • Kärstenisme Theology

    by Kärstenisme Theology

    Good application
    Pros: PHOTO
    Cons: PHOTO

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    yes i happy.
    good it is very good software for windows 8.0 i need it very much
    Pros: photoshop
    *.dwg file
    Cons: win More


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