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    An exclusive Facebook experience

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    A free program for mac

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Help & Info about Instagram for Chrome for mac

  • What is Instagram?

    Instagram is a social media platform that allows users to share images, videos, and stories. Most people tend to use Instagram on the go, which means it tends to be more popularly downloaded on mobile devices. However, Instagram can still be downloaded and used through a browser such as Chrome.
  • How do I use Instagram for Chrome for Mac?

    If you already have an Instagram account on your mobile device, simply go to Instagram’s homepage on Chrome, and sign in as you would on your mobile device. If you are new to Instagram, follow the website’s prompts on how to create a new account, and you’ll be browsing in no time.
  • Can I post images on Instagram for Chrome?

    Nope. Not yet. Only the mobile version of Instagram can allow users to upload content, the desktop Mac version available through Chrome does not have this capability. However, there are secret ways to make the Chrome Instagram site switch to the mobile app, allowing savvy users to upload this way instead.
  • Do I have to install anything?

    Sure, you could install Instagram directly onto your desktop. Alternatively, one can just log onto Instagram through the Chrome browser and view the program as a website, but not as a mobile application.
  • Is using Instagram on Chrome safe?

    Yes. Using Instagram on Chrome is completely secure. Users shouldn’t worry about viruses or other unwarranted issues. However, certain ads and “click bate” type images may come up on one’s feed, prompting the user to click on a link and exit Instagram which is where unsafe things may occur.
  • Is Instagram free?

    Yes, Instagram is a free application. Anyone who has a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer can easily create a profile and start uploading within minutes. The fact that this social media platform is free means that many people are uploading and sharing all of the time, providing endless entertainment worldwide.
  • What about Hashtags? Are Hashtags used in Instagram?

    Yes! Hashtags are fairly commonplace now. Users can compliment their story or images with a Hashtag to help it be more easily seen throughout the Internet and Instagram feeds.
  • What’s new in the latest version of Instagram?

    The latest version of Instagram allows users to video with ease. This new version also allows users to add new and interesting filters. What’s more is that Instagram’s live video feed has been revamped, allowing users to view live videos and stories from their Chrome browser.
  • Why use Instagram on Chrome instead of on a smart phone?

    Using Instagram on your Chrome browser has the benefit of showing you much larger images, in usually higher resolution. Sure, Instagram might be convenient to snap or record something on your phone on the fly when you’re out and about, but being able to view content on a larger screen in the comforts of one’s home or office is more encapsulating.
  • What are some other benefits of using Instagram on a desktop Mac instead of on a phone?

    For one, data prices can be high, and using Instagram from your home-based Internet service provider could actually be more cost-effective. Also, more users can now upload, view, and share content like never before, which opens up a greater image and video library for your viewing pleasure!


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